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Every day, in every season, we can gather positive energy and it comes in many forms. From beautiful shades of blue in a summer sky, to a landscape of trees that mesh into the stunning colors of fall, raindrops on emerging petals in spring and winter’s snowflakes that look like an artist brush strokes on bare branches…these visions bring joy, stimulate our creativity and provide overall wellness.

Merriam-Webster defines PHOTOGRAPHY as "the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface." We feel “radiant energy” when we are out with our cameras. We see images that inspire and rejuvenate us. There is a rainbow of colors and intricate designs in nature. When you stop to really look at the world around you, the details are amazing. We want you to see the details and experience what we feel when we take these photos.

Healing of mind, body and soul is a combination of positive energies that touch our senses. Our intention with this selection of photos is to spur positivity.  We recognize that colors, nature and powerful images can affect our mood and emotions. Holistic healing uses color therapy to help with overall well being. Weather conditions and daily activities of nature can be intoxicating and have the ability to reach our inner feelings. We hope the optimism and spiritual energy we feel with the photos in these galleries soothe, invigorate and raise your spirits.

We invite you to let your mind wonder, find a happy place and refresh your soul.

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Scene of colors

Scene of colors

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