Our Story - Creative Beyond Control

Creative Beyond Control Photography began with the chance meeting of two photography enthusiasts.   We quickly became friends and the decision to start a business was an easy one as we were enjoying many photo shoots “just for fun” .

We started selling our cards to family and friends and then to a local coffee shop.   We have been hired to take photos for several websites which had us snapping away at small machine parts, various specialty pumps to large equipment in a manufacturing warehouse and then onto residential new construction and food photography for a local restaurant.   We say we like to photograph everything and boy oh boy website photography provides us with opportunities to do just that!   What fun!

Ask our friends and you would likely hear:

Lois - The avid gardener is enthralled with the world of macro photography.   She loves to get in close and let you see details in the layers of flowers and plants.   Lois can take you into the insect world and you are absorbed into the amazing globe of life activities which exists.   She will show you a beautiful rainbow of colors right outside her door.

Felicia – Whether it be a skyscraper or a barn in the field, she loves the diversity of building styles.  She sees texture in old wooden panels and rustic bricks.  She admires various  buildings along with the remarkable  artwork of statues and decorative features and loves to capture the images.  Some intricacies can get lost in the immensity of a structure but Felicia has the ability to mix close-ups with long shots and show these interesting details  to you.

Together, we have grown in our abilities and improved our skills.   We are told time and again that we see photos in the ordinary and capture what most people would pass by.   Our styles are so similar we even question who took what shot.   Our photography has morphed, and it was never more obvious than with our 365 Day Photo Journey in 2014.   We continued with a  2015 Photo Challenge Project and followed with the Adjective Challenge 2016.  Go take a look but don't forget to come right back.

We invite you to take a visual stroll and we do hope you enjoy the view!

Behind the Camera

Hidden in the garden

Hidden in the garden

Phipps Conservatory

Phipps Conservatory

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